SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Saying that the poison can kill a lot more than rats, San Francisco officials are trying to get local businesses to stop using certain rat poisons to eradicate rodents.

The rat poisons targeted by the city have been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as posing an unreasonable risk to children, pets and wildlife.

Chris Geiger of the City’s Department of the Environment urged business and producers of the problem poisons to stop selling them.

“When you have a definitive determination that something is dangerous and yet you strive to keep it on the market, that is unethical,” he said.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Officials say the rat poisons could be accidentally ingested by children and pets. Also, rodents that eat the poisons are sometimes caught by hawks and other wildlife, which then die as well.

So what to do? Some experts suggest if you have a rodent problem, deal with it the old fashion way — with a mouse trap.

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Comments (6)
  1. Philip Scharfy says:

    Why not scatter it around one kast time at the occupoop encampments before retiring it>

  2. PeepsRepublic says:

    Thought most of the poisons on the market were rodent specific or were of such low concentrations in the body of the dead animal that there was little to no risk to an animal that ate it.

    1. J. R. says:

      Unfortunately they are not rodent specific. Most of them are potent blood-thinners, which kill the rats fairly quickly by making them bleed to death internally. If that same stuff gets into other animals or humans it can cause the same thing to happen, if it’s in large enough amounts. Smaller amounts can still do major harm.

  3. Ted Thomas says:

    You don’t have a rodent problem, you have a cat shortage.

  4. PeepsRepublik says:

    Let me add, are there reported cases of children being poisoned by these rodent control materials? Have there been birds of prey found dead in the city that were killed by these poisons? Or is this just another wacko-enviro ploy to stop killing of any animals. . .pest or otherwise.

    Here is Kalifornia there are dozens if not hundreds of laws and regulations on the books that have no basis in fact nor are supported by scientific data. Laws get passed by consensus of agenda driven groups.

    One such law restricts use of lead bullets for hunting claiming that condors are poisoned from eating carrion supposedly kill, then lost by hunters, with lead bullets. The law has been in effect long enough now that no lead bullet killed game or varmint’s carcases can still be in the field. . .and the lead levels of the condors has not gone down. This tells us that they are being poisoned by some other source, probably a natural one, in their environment. But the law was renewed anyway, and there is contemplation of expanding the restriction state wide. . .with no scientific evidence.