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OAKLAND (CBS 5) – Wave the White Flag, not the Yellow

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12 penalties for 117 yards. After Sunday’s victory in Minnesota, Oakland Raiders’ coach Hue Jackson expressed frustration with the officials.

So what else is new?

The Raiders have turned the page in many respects this season and it’s time to stop pointing the finger at anyone other than the man in the mirror. I can deal with the occasion pass interference. I can accept a hold every now and then. But Oakland has committed 17 personal fouls, just two away from Kansas City’s all-time record.

Are all of those justified? Of course not. It was even laughable last Sunday. But every other NFL team would tell you the same thing.

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Not a year has gone by in my time covering the Raiders that the conspiracy theory hasn’t been raised. I personally witnessed a high-ranking club official berate the head of NFL officiating during a playoff game.

But you know what? You’re going to get robbed. It’s the human element, it’s imperfect, but it’s not isolated to the Raiders.

While Oakland can’t eliminate all the penalties they can eliminate the senseless ones. Even Raider Nation, as much as they despise this commentary, knows what I’m talking about.

The Raiders players have come up with the idea of having a find jar at practice. And since they officials, any time a raider commits a penalty, he is fined. I’m guessing they have enough in that jar to pay off the federal deficit. Who needs the Super Committee when you have the Raiders?

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