ORANGEVALE (CBS) – A Northern California medical marijuana dispensary is going out of business so it’s planning a huge TGIF party — complete with free pot.

The Orangevale dispensary Magnolia Wellness is giving away free marijuana on Friday before it closes its doors indefinitely.

With pressure from the county and federal officials and looming lawsuits, dispensary owners said they’re closing to focus all their attention on the larger medical marijuana fight. And since all this pot has to go somewhere, why not to their 40,000 customers who’ll soon be displaced?

“Everyone who walks through the door, we’re giving them a chance to win free meds,” Steven Lee of Magnolia Wellness said Tuesday.

And they’re doing it with holiday cheer, hosting a party and toy drive to boot. And the plan is not lacking for attention.

“I saw it in the paper this morning,” one woman said. “I mean, if you’re wanting stuff, it’s a good price.”

“I thought they were kidding about that at work,” one man said. “It’s California.”

But it’s no joke. The dispensary is dead serious about only giving marijuana to medical marijuana card holders. And they said customers will have to take their pot to go.

“This party was meant to be in a time patients are facing persecution,” Lee said. “This party was meant to be a happy time.”


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Comments (13)
  1. chris mei says:

    Grow industrial hemp. It will save trees. You can’t smoke it to get high.

    Too bad about the med MJ club shutdown!

  2. Truth Guy says:

    I have been giving it away for 5 years. Anyone who proves to me they need it for Cancer gets it. The rest of these clowns who need it for things like insomnia and other ridiculous claims are just burnouts trying to get a high.
    We need to just make it legal. I am embarrassed for these so called caregivers, medicinal joke clubs I doubt if 1 in 20 aqctually need it. I smoked this stuff my entire life. And I admit it that I like to get high. Wake up People!!!!!

    1. LJM says:

      So anyone who says marijuana helps with their insomnia is lying? People who claim to need it for pain relief are also lying? What about people who use it as an anti-depressant? Also lying?

      Sure there are people who make up reasons to get it, but that’s only because they can’t buy it legally any other way. And why are those people “burnouts,” why you’re just someone who “likes to get high?”

  3. Timothy W Gray says:

    Shut this place down. Shut down all these “dispensaries”. Send the proprietors of this establishment to prison. Send the customers to prison, too.

    And the “doctors” who work in these “dispensaries”? Send them to prison, and revoke their licenses to practice medicine. THEY ARE QUACKS. They should not be allowed to practice, ever again.

    Hopefully, the new year will see an end to this “legalized” drug dealing – for good.

    1. LJM says:

      You have an authoritarian attitude which suggests that you believe the government owns your body. Why do you need big government to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body?

      1. Timothy W Gray says:

        The state actually does have the right to tell me what I can, and cannot, put into my body. Because what I may want to put into my body may destroy me. And we, as a nation, cannot be allowed to destroy ourselves.

        If the state does not enforce this portion of the social contract, then it has failed to fulfill its primary role: to protect the people from which the state derives its power.

        I have seen far too many lives destroyed by subsance abuse. Indeed, I have seen entire families wiped out by this. So it enrages me, when I see this occuring, on a supposed “legal” basis. The State of California should be ashamed of its “legalized” marijuana laws. (Then again, as I have realized during my short time here, that people in this state are ashamed of very little.)

    2. Jim Harvey says:

      Tim – I suppose you also favor prison for tobacco smokers, alcohol drinkers, coffee and tea consumers – all people who use “drugs” to get a physical reaction. And, as you feel “the state does have a right to tell you what you can put in your body”, I assume you also favor prison (perhaps you prefer execution, you’re pretty out there…) for people who eat cheeseburgers, ice cream, chocolate and sour cream.

      It must be tough living in your hate-filled cave. If you’re so unhappy in California, prefer to have your life controlled by Big Brother – why don’t you go back to Nazi Germany, from whence you so obviously came…

    3. Jerry Brown says:

      The State of California hereby revokes your right to live here based on your display of mental stagnation.

  4. Just make pot legal already. Stop locking us in cages for doing something that is harming absolutely no one including ourselves.

    Pot has killed a total of zero people in its entire existence.

    That’s ZERO EVER.

    Nice post! 🙂

    1. Timothy W Gray says:

      I guess no one died in this accident:

      Oh, wait , fourteen people died in this accident alone. Maybe pot really does kill.

      1. Jerry Brown says:

        Well Tim thanks for clearing that up. Maybe we should also consider outlawing guns, alcohol and trains too.

  5. Jay Paul says:

    An individual story is an anecdote; emotionally-laden, but not the big picture.

    This is nothing compared to the number of deaths associated with alcohol and tobacco. Fast catching up with respect to public health are the consequences of our diet of high saturated fats, salt and refined sugars. These are not my opinions; these are the findings of studies published in key scientific journals like the American Journal of Public Health.

    Are you for the State (and I deliberately put that with a capital “S”) putting all those who smoke and drink as well as those who sell it and use it in jail? What about those whose eating habits lead to Type 2 Diabetes and potentially fatal complications?

    There is no doubt that for a minority of folks, recreational or illicit drug use of any kind is dangerous for the user with respect to the end result or “bottom” reached by potential abuse. Further, for a few, actions while under the influence are serious as well. That is why organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers exist — focusing on the dangerous combination of behaviors and trying to educate the public about alternatives.

    But treating the issue with a simplistic “throw them all in jail” solution denies the fact that clinical research has shown a medical place for the use of marijuana on a variety of fronts. Not only with respect to pain management with conditions such as cancer, but with issues such as reducing pressure within the eyeball (glaucoma) that can lead to blindness.

    In the meanwhile, there are health programs that could save many lives, such as syringe exchange programs for intravenous drug users to cut down on the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C that are bogged down in moralistic rather than health considerations. Research has shown that these programs are relatively inexpensive, and have a powerful impact on disease transmission. Further, they bring IV drug users in contact regularly with community health workers that allows for conversations about their drug use that can be the first step towards reducing or stopping this behavior. We have to adopt a more comprehensive vision about how to deal with the substances we label drugs in our society.

    1. Jerry Brown says:

      Nice try Jay, but you probably lost Tim at “anecdote”.