DUBLIN (KCBS)— The entire cast of the hit TV show Mythbusters got an earful from Dublin residents at a meeting about a recent accident that sent a cannonball crashing through the neighborhood.

More than 100 people attended an 11 a.m. community meeting at the Alameda County Office of Emergency Services on Saturday.

The popular Discovery Channel show’s executive producer and co-star Dan Tapster assured them all that the show has high standards of safety.

The cannonball fired on December 6th from the Alameda County Bomb Range flew right over Kathryn Baker’s house before hitting two other homes and a parked car.

“I don’t think that it’s a freak accident when a cannon goes amok when you shoot it off. That’s why I was shocked when the procedures weren’t in place to keep this from happening,” Baker said.

There were others that voiced concerns and requests that Mythbusters keep filming locally. Host Adam Savage said they will make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

“We feel terrible about what happened. Our main goal is that the community understands that we take it very seriously,” Savage said.

A Sheriff’s Safety Review and Dublin Police Report are expected next month and then the sheriff will decide if the show can still use the site for experiments.

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Comments (24)
  1. Jou Baur says:

    Accidents happen.
    Nobody got hurt.
    Get over it!

  2. tn says:

    Savage did a great PR move by re-directing the focus and avoiding getting pulled into a no-win discussion about what happened. Read what he stated.

  3. Cynicdude says:

    Someone there must have rejected his reality.

  4. aiquoy says:

    Funny how people hype up bad things that may have happened to them and cry out, “why are there not enforcements to curb this activity”, however I am sure the same individuals drive eratically, putting on make-up or being just plain ignorant drivers, and if they hit someone they would down-play it as much as possible. Sorry a cannonball went through your house, but honestly, how often DOES A CANNONBALL go ripping through somoene’s neighborhood? I have a better chance of pooping out the winning Powerball numbers. According to Wiki, not concrete but still relatively valid, 43,000 died in MVA’s annually, compared to 29,000 firearms deaths (cannon would be included in that category, but I’m sure there aren’t many cases of cannon deaths). Go cry about that. Would cry about a freak accident but will drive a more deadly and devastating WEAPON every day.

  5. aiquoy says:

    To get that reference, google “list of preventable deaths”, the numbers would surprise you.

  6. F.l. Johnson says:

    Funny how all military services require safety diagrams with a maximum/minimum safety range on hand before firing any mortar or howitzer round. In the future, maybe the producers will get military assistance before firing these types of systems. As a retired field artillery soldier this was an accident waiting to happen due to poor planning and knowledge of how cannons/howitzers function and proper safety.

    1. Jenn says:

      They do have authorized people on hand for each of these experiments. They have retired law enforcement, FBI, and, I know on some episodes, retired military personnel depending upon weapon (or prototype) being fired. The number of ballistics this show has fired and their safety record to this incident point to their lengthy planning and knowledge. This was a very unfortunate accident, but still just an accident.

    2. billy bob ray sirus says:

      it’s obvious that you dont watch the show. they get the proper assistance when handling explosives. maybe you should watch it some time. it’s a great educational show.

  7. george smythson says:

    This is a self correcting problem–these yahoos are going to kill themselves, probably in a fairly spectacular manner, sooner or later–hopefully before they kill some innocent bystander…

    1. Trisha says:

      You obviously don’t watch the show, either. As one reader already stated – they have ballistics experts on the scene at all times during an experiment like this. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it wasn’t one of the Mythbusters that effed this up – it was one of the ballistics experts that mis-measured. You need to educate yourself before saying stupid tripe like this. Thanks.

  8. Zippy McGee says:

    You don’t think “that it’s a freak accident when a cannon goes amok when you shoot it off?” What do you call it? Wednesday? Hey, Kathryn Baker, you live next to a BOMB RANGE. Get some extra homeowner’s insurance and quit whining. Or move.

  9. Hank Hill says:

    Who or what type of people would liver near Alameda County Bomb Range? If a canon ball was able to make it to someones home from the range, well they live to close to that range or the range needs to be shut down. I wouldn’t live within ten miles of a bomb range. They moved into a home that is close to a bomb range and had to know something bad could happen.

    1. Todd Sampson says:

      I’ve said the exact same thing. I don’t understand how someone can live that close to a bomb range and they get in a twist when something like this happens. Whomever allowed a residential neighborhood to be anywhere remotely close to a bomb range needs to have their head examined. Not to mention the people who then moved into that neighborhood.

      1. John says:

        Oh my gosh. You’re right! Who or what type of people would live near a nuclear facility that if there were a meltdown, anyone living within 50 miles would be killed?? Oh, wait a second, that’s all of us in the East Bay. Hmm… maybe LLNL needs to move…

  10. Ricardo Hartley says:

    Actually that whole area used to be used by the Army for live fire exercises. Camp Parks still does some of that activity even as homes and neighborhoods encroach. You have no idea how funny it is as a 9-1-1 operator to get calls of people complaining about war noises from a training base. Or those who buy homes next to an airport then gripe about noise.

    The Mythbusters team is anal about safety and they film much of their show in Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore and occasionally at the retired NAS Alameda. They bring publicity, jobs and money to your community and NOBODY WAS HURT.

    What’s not to like?

    I do hope that Mythbusters is allowed to continue their operation in Alameda County.

  11. George Campbell says:

    Be glad you don’t live in a hurricane zone!! Myth Busters just showed you that your house construction would not withstand flying debris from a CAT 3 or better!! I would be concerned that I lived near a firing range with a house like that!!

  12. m.kuck says:

    Mythbusters is one of the few good things that comes from San Fransissyco. It’s unfortunate they weren’t using explosive shells.

  13. joe says:

    Is this entertainment???? Has the media gone completely wild?

  14. Derek says:

    It was an accident, get your houses and car fixed. Get some coin for you troubles and get over it.

  15. Ruth Mendez says:

    Those guys have been doing so many things and this the first major one. it was an accident I understand it could of gone wrong but it didnt. They are taking the right steps on fixing it and making sure that it will not happen again. They r doing all they can. Why r people going to make it SUPER big??? Mythbusters, just come to LA. We dont care here. we are use to gun shots and big explosion sounds 🙂

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