OAKLAND (AP) — Federal authorities said fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a small plane that had lost contact with traffic controllers over California Sunday.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Mike Fergus said the Cessna 172 was flying from Santa Monica to Oakland on Sunday morning when it lost radio contact with air traffic controllers somewhere near Ventura.

It wasn’t until the plane had reached the Monterey area, around 11:35 a.m., when traffic controllers were able to contact the pilot.

The plane landed without incident at Oakland International Airport.

Fergus was not sure if the jets, which had been scrambled from a base near Fresno had actually intercepted the Cessna, or if they had turned back once radio contact was established.

Comments (11)
  1. John Adams says:

    So they send out FIGHTER JETS to intercept a Cessna 172, a single-engine private aircraft that’s small enough to sit on one’s front lawn.

    1. c says:

      Yeah? They sent jets ‘scrambling’ after this little Cessna and there were absolutely ZERO fighter jets sent after any of the 4 high-jacked Airplanes on September 11th!? George W Bush sent 0=ZERO fighters that day. Does that make any sense?

  2. John Adams says:

    Notice how the news team actually praises the actions of these morons at the TSA. His Master’s Voice.

  3. PeepsRepublik says:

    Small planes ARE NOT required to maintain radio contact. In that flight corridor probably the transponder must function, but some planes do not have either.

  4. Jerry says:

    I sleep VERY well knowing that neither of you are responsible for the nations safety.

    1. Jim P. says:

      A Cessna 172 is about as much threat to the nation as a moped running wihtout headlights.

      You may wsih to pull the covers up a bit higher to feel safer. It certainly costs a lot less than scrambling 2 fighters at about $10,000/hour each.

  5. Marc Santacroce says:

    The clip shows F-15’s not F-16’s.

  6. Chris says:

    Try to be somewhat accurate in your reporting here. It was a Cessna 172, but you do not show a single frame of footage of a 172 in your story. There’s plenty of footage of a Mooney though.
    Also, as Marc stated, you said “F-16s like the ones shown in this Youtube video” but do not show footage of a single F16.

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  8. Mr. Man says:

    this is stupid

  9. Maluka says:

    I heard a group of TSA inspectors were sent to the Cessna when it landed so they could sexually molest the pilot but returned to their office when advised no women or children were on board.