PINOLE (CBS SF) – A teen boy was shot while driving on Interstate Highway 80 in Pinole on Saturday, police said Tuesday.

The juvenile was driving west on Highway 80 near the Appian Way exit around noon Saturday when someone in a passing car shot him in the shoulder, Pinole police Cmdr. Matthew Messier said.

The victim drove himself to Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez to be treated for the gunshot wound, which was not life-threatening.

He was later transferred to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for further treatment, police said.

Messier said the suspect vehicle was described as a 2006 Honda with tinted windows and black rims, with “6XJ” as part of the license plate.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call (510) 724-8955.


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  1. bea says:

    One big cheer for the increase sale of guns in this country. Everyone needs a gun so we can shoot each other.

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      “bea”, If that’s the extent of your intellect, please do not buy a gun. You have no common sense.

      1. Put your gun away Cowboy♣ says:

        I’m not trying to impress you or anything, but I’m son of god…

    2. bea says:

      I was being ironic. This is what this country wants. No gun control, anybody can purchase a gun. They get upset if they try to pass some sort of regulations that can stop some no brain people from buying them.
      You, are not too bright if could not see that is was meant to show how ignorant some are that buy guns and that support the “right to bare arms”.
      There needs to be more laws that prevent anyone from buying a gun.

      1. NRA Life Member says:

        No, “bea”, you have the word wrong. You’re not “being ironic”, you’re being moronic.

        How dare you attempt to speak for what my country wants. Who do you represent? You sound like a small person with a small mind only speaking for yourself. Where are your facts? “Anybody” cannot purchase a gun. Law abiding citizens have the freedom to purchase a gun, if they wish to. Felons and other criminals can not legally purchase a firearm. There are many laws on the books to prevent them from legally buying guns and ammunition. But, that doesn’t stop them from obtaining their illegal guns, does it? They steal them or get them from other criminals (or Eric Holder). Only law abiding citizens will go the legal route to buy firearms, criminals don’t care about your laws. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. There are laws everywhere against murder, but people get murdered every day. There are speed limit laws everywhere, but people break them all the time. Laws do not prevent crimes. If laws prevented crimes, then there would be no crimes, right? Is that small piece of logic wasted on you?

        And yes “bea”, you do have the “right to bare arms”. You can wear any sleeveless garment you like. Bare your arms all you want. If you are a law abiding U.S. citizen, you also have the “right to bear arms” guaranteed by The Bill of Rights, specifically, The Second Amendment.

        Your last sentence says it all. You don’t want anyone to have the freedom to own a gun. Well, there are many countries that agree with that line of thinking. China, Japan, England, Australia and many others agree with you. The People Of The United States do not. Feel free to move to any other country that agrees with your stance. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.