SAN JOSE (CBS 5) – Police in San Jose are investigating claims of a brawl involving San Francisco 49ers fans following the loss in the NFC Championship game to the New York Giants.

A cellphone video obtained CBS 5 Monday appears to show a group 49ers fans attacking Giants fans outside a San Jose pizza parlor.

The grainy video shows a group of men – some wearing Niners jerseys – punching, kicking and knocking other people to the ground.

The video was shot by Jerel Salazar, a 49ers fan who had been watching the game at 4th Street Pizza with hundreds of others, including a small group of very vocal New York Giants fans.

“I knew that someone was going to happen after the game,” said Salazar.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Salazar said it started out as normal cheering but got into heckling as the game wore on. The bad blood went over the top when the 49ers fumbled in overtime, said Salazar.

“The tensions had been building toward the end of the game, people were frustrated, they went outside and kicked over trash cans, just venting out and screaming,” he said.

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After the game, Salazar kept his eye and his cell phone camera on the Giants fans who left the pizza parlor celebrating their team’s win.

“A large group of 49ers fans were on their tail, and yelling at them, screw the Giants, F this and F that. That’s how it started”

Salazar said it was the 49ers fans who started pushing, and when the Giants fans pushed back, the 49ers fans began punching and kicking them.

Police were called to the scene, but the crowd had already broken up. No one was seriously hurt and nobody wanted to press charges. Still, the San Jose Police Department is investigating.

“Certainly there is a concern about fan violence, but particularly because it’s been highlighted with the events that took place last week with the harassment of the Saints fans by 49er fans,” said Chief Chris Moore. “But we’ll wait and see what turns up in the way of witnesses.”

Salazar said the brawling Niner fans came after him when they saw he had a camera, but he was able to run away.

He said it’s sad to see how a small group is affecting the reputation of them all. “It’s very disappointing because I’ve always been proud of the fact that, as a 49er fan, we’re not known for fights or brawls or bad behavior. Whether we win or lose, there is always next year.”

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Comments (18)
  1. Greg Minton says:

    Downtown San Jose, anyone surprised. Any names of the guilty?

  2. David Legnosky says:

    Alcohol and bad upbringing! Have fun, but if you can’t handle your drinking, QUIT!

  3. Dark Cobra says:

    Norteno cowards again no doubt.

  4. Giant Fan says:

    Dark Cobra- You got it right! Cowards is what they are! only in Groups or with a Hand GUN they can Handle it….

  5. Nick from the EastBay says:

    These aren’t 49er fans but local thugs that use the team’s color as a gang symbol. Honestly I think if these so called gangsters are so tough, the government should set up a program to send these thugs into war ridden countries like Afghanistan or Iraq without leadership and proper training. Inhumane? I doubt it…

  6. Gary Gnatz says:

    I am a Giant fan. This is not a just 49er fan problem. This happens everywhere. It is one thing to root for your team BUT YOU SHOULD ROOT RESPECTFULLY, whether you are a small group of fans rooting for the away team or the majority of fans rooting for the home team. Once the comments become derogatory, trouble is bound to start. Banter between opposing fans can be fun but you have to be careful not to cross the line. Violence is never acceptable but it is never wise to pour fuel on a fire. From reading the report above it is clear that BOTH sides were at fault.

    1. Don says:

      Say anything you want but once you follow someone and lay a hand on them…..YOU are in the wrong….PERIOD! So according to the eye witness (who was a 49er fan) it was the morons in crimson and gold who started it by “following them out of the bar and shoving the NYG fans” So
      I will RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE with your assumption that both sides are at fault. Sincerely, A fellow NYG fan

    2. Big Blue says:

      you’re wrong. Why else would cops dress up undercover as Giants fan? You dont hear cops doing this with other sport teams. SF fans are the dirtiest in the country. Shame on you. GLad you didn’t make it to the SB. GO GIANTS

  7. Trotter says:

    Let’s not forget that it was a San Francisco fan (of the baseball Giants) that was put into a coma in LA. You’d think that people in SF would remember that it was one of their own that was the victim of a very similar incident, but of course it only takes a couple of bad apples to ruin the bunch.

  8. msiffin says:

    Agreed. It’s a great game and we love our teams, but seriously people being shot and beat over what? Thank you Gary for your thoughtful response. As a 49’er Faithful I am ashamed at any association with acts of violence like this.

  9. Arthur Kinney says:

    where is all this aggression and anger when the government takes your rights away? Free speech dead, forget about it. Loose a Football Game well then all the animals loose their minds.

  10. steel blade boy says:

    i am a avid raiderz fan I KNEW THE LITTLE NINERS would get their buttz kicked and they the fans of the niners have no klass what so ever i am rooting for the giants all the way BABY ne can suck my %$#((*&^k hahaha

  11. joey says:

    49er fans suck just like there team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!