OAKLAND (KCBS) – Occupy Oakland members are claiming police abuse in connection with protests that took place on Saturday.

Members of the group stood on the steps of Oakland City Hall on Wednesday, making claims of excessive force and baseless arrests during Saturday’s demonstrations.

“We have reports of a man who had a baton to his face, causing his teeth to be knocked out,” said Carey Lamprecht, a volunteer with the National Lawyers Guild.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Occupy Oakland member Shake Anderson defended the actions of some members, who burned a City Hall flag and destroyed an art exhibit in the building.

“We’ve agreed upon peace and diversity of tactics, and diversity of tactics is just that,” said Anderson.

But Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said things are getting out of hand.

“The events have become more combative. There has been more anarchy,” Jordan said. “We’re not shying away from (the abuse) allegations. We’re going to investigate them and find out what happened.”

He said that police tactics are dictated by protester action.

More than 400 people were arrested during the day of protest. Eight have been charged with misdemeanors and four with felonies.

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Comments (8)
  1. Cartman says:

    Police 1 Occupiers 0. Of course the little crybabies are claiming abuse. They believe that being deprived of latte’s in jail is abuse. They also believe that they should be able to charge their iPad/iPhones while jailed.

  2. Philip Scharfy says:

    “Murders. Suicides. Rapes. Overdose deaths. Heroin dealing. Creepy guys exposing themselves to small children. People defecating and urinating on police cars. Outbreaks of hepatitis and body lice. Arson. Assaulting the police; trashing our Public buildings and burning our flag.

    Say, remember when the Tea Party did all this stuff?

    Me neither

    . Rarely have the lines in the culture war been as clearly demarcated as they are right now”

    1. Richard Thames says:

      @Philip Scharfy : You also don’t remember when Occupy[anywhere] did those ridiculous things.

      You make yourself look foolish when you fabricate all that obvious nonsense— But what else is anonymity on the internets for, huh?

      And isn’t there anything *authentic* you could be doing/saying? How worthless is your time, buddy, that you have to spend it trolling? Dork.

  3. Vaccine Conspiracy says:

    Please. If you believe in true democracy you would not denounce the burning of an american flag. It is the ultimate form of any real democracy left in this country, to be able to have the freedom to burn the U.S. flag. People have died to give us this right. No other country can do this without repression from the government. Of course teabaggers wouldn’t burn the flag, but you wouldn’t see occupy protesters able to take their weapons to protests like those right wing bigots! I guess it pays to be rich, white and know the right people in this country, eh? Now, if the police hadn’t abused their positions of power, using excessive force on peaceful protesters in the beginning, the problem wouldn’t have escalated to the violent levels they now face. Who’s fault is that, that the dominant culture and people in power would rather hospitalize us and suffocate our voice than give us the freedom to denounce corporate corruption and social inequalities. Educate yourselves, ignorant fools. Learn the real history, not just what they feed you. These people are fighting for your rights, because you don’t have the balls to go out and do it yourselves. So stop your right-wing whining and do something about it. Republicans gave us the current deficit, built on 2 costly wars and tax cuts for the rich. Americans have had enough of all your rhetoric.