OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Amid lingering anger over clashes with police and a mass arrest last week, Occupy Oakland protesters held an anti-police march Saturday night, which has become a weekly tradition in 2012.

Oakland police said that around 100 protesters took off from Frank Ogawa Plaza shortly before 9 p.m. The march wound through the streets of downtown and West Oakland until around 11 p.m., police said.

Despite that the action had been described as a “militant, radical march” police said the protest was peaceful overall.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

Police said that the only incident reported was that before the march left Frank Ogawa Plaza, several masked protesters hurled bottles of what was believed to be urine at media parked on 14th Street.

For previous marches, which have been held weekly since Jan. 7, organizers have said on social media sites that for the purposes of the march, police and media property can be targeted for destruction and encouraged participants to set fires in the streets. But no such incidents were reported Saturday, and police said no protesters were arrested.

The march was a stark contrast to last Saturday, when protesters attempted to take over a vacant building near Lake Merritt and were deterred by police using tear gas and smoke grenades. Protesters clashed with police throughout the day, eventually culminating in over 400 arrests that night.

Protesters have decried what they call police repression of the Occupy movement in Oakland, and are planning another protest supporting arrestees due in court on Monday.

Out of the over 400 arrests on Saturday, only 12 have been charged so far, but the Alameda County District Attorney’s office has sought stay away orders for those charged to keep them away from Frank Ogawa Plaza and other central locations for Occupy protesters.

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  1. abunchofidiots says:

    I am watching it live, and it looks like a group of idiots chanting f the police, walking in circles, no leaders, definitively dopers and low lifers. Probably more new and cameras than occupiers.

    Kinda of pathetic

    oldfart http://www.stinkingpolitics.com

  2. geneL says:

    70 demonstrators protesting alledged police brutality!! Only 70?!!!!
    From the sounds of some of the Occupy folks you would think there would be thousands demonstrating. The Communists have a term for these folks,
    “useful itdiots”! Nuff said

  3. OaklandTaxpayer says:

    Hopefully there’s no more of this. I’d suspect the gangs/thugs would like to see more of this as a window to do their evil deeds while our police are handcuffed w/occupiers. I hope our police are safe. As to the occupiers, they can occupy a crowded bus ride to occupy a crowded jail. The downside, we taxpayers get the bill.

  4. John McMahan says:


  5. John McMahan says:

    YOU HAD BETTER PRAY YOU DO NOT LOOSES YOUR JOB, HOME, CAR, EST, for if you do you may fit in one of these categories and understand what they are saying. PS: I am in a high Tec field Web Design, and IT I will always have a job.

  6. a concerned reader says:

    ************ PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO: ************

    “Stand for Oakland”

    Come take a “Stand for Oakland” with Residents, Merchants, and Downtown
    Businesses who have been the silent majority. On Monday, residents of
    Oakland will make a peaceful, visual statement opposing the vandalizing
    and terrorizing of our city- costing millions of dollars in security and
    lost revenue and causing a forced re-priortization of citizen calls, on
    an already strapped police force, due to downtown choas and violence.

    Oakland is worth Standing up for. Look for the arm bands, and come get
    one: stand in solidarity with Oakland.

    Join in a Citizens March around the Plaza.

    Oakland City Hall
    Frank Ogawa Plaza
    Monday, Feb 6th, 11:45 AM