EUREKA (CBS/AP) – A California woman accused of killing her infant son by breastfeeding him after she used methamphetamine has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

Maggie Wortman entered her plea Monday as part of a deal with prosecutors.

An autopsy on 6-week-old Michael Acosta III found that the infant died of “methamphetamine toxicity” on Nov. 21, 2010.

Prosecutors initially tried to charge Wortman with murder, saying she should have known the dangers of breastfeeding after smoking the drug. But a judge threw out the charge, saying there was insufficient evidence to support it.

Deputy District Attorney Ben McLaughlin had said he planned to re-file the murder charge, if Wortman didn’t accept the plea deal.

She faces anywhere from probation to nearly 12 years in prison when she’s sentenced March 5.

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  1. AlvinA says:

    She murdered the baby. You cannot not know that drugs in your blood will tranasfer to the baby in pregnancy or breast feeding. I’ve seen this in recovery meetings the past 30 years. She will be pregnant probably before she leaves the “recovery” house and repeat the exact same thing all the while giving long speeches about “being a monther” She will have sad eyes, twisting up her face and pretending to cry to get sympathy and then go kill more babies. She should be steralized. I’ve seen this happen many times and the addict shows up after another trial giving speeches about all the babies that are poisoned by them babbling about “they have a disease”….(yes, addiction is a disease but once an addict has gone into any recovery program and heard that fact, it is no long a case of not knowing it is a disease and we ARE responsible for whatever follows. Can’t use the “I didn’t know” anymore.

  2. Dale Norbeck says:

    ignorant dirtbag bimbo