SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – One of the fastest growing websites is one you might not have heard of. It’s called Pinterest.

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid explains that it is a site that lets you post pictures to express what you are interested in.

“For example, I’m interested in cycling, and on Facebook I might post where I’ve ridden my bike. Maybe I’d put a picture in, or maybe I wouldn’t, but with Pinterest you would definitely put a picture and maybe just a little comment,” said Magid. “So it’s very graphically-based. There’s not a lot of text.”

Magid said that Pinterest’s name comes from the fact that you’re creating online pin boards about your hobbies in the way that you’re pinning up a little picture and putting a note under it.

Magid said that the interactive component comes when people comment on your picture or share it with others. He said that you can have a following on the site, just like with Facebook.

KCBS’ Larry Magid Comments:

Tech Crunch reports that it’s the fastest growing site ever in terms of monthly unique visitors.

“What they’re saying is that it reached the 10 million mark, in terms of monthly visitors, faster than any other stand-alone site in history,” said Magid. “They say that people are spending a lot of time sharing images, and to some extent it’s challenging Facebook and other social media companies. According to the Tech Crunch article, the growth is in 18-34 year-old upper income women in the Midwest.”

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