SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – President Obama has arrived in the Bay Area for a series of fundraising events in San Francisco for his 2012 re-election campaign.

Air Force One touched down at San Francisco International Airport at 12:39 p.m. The president, wearing a dark suit and a striped tie, exited the plane at 12:49 p.m., waved, then trotted down the stairs to the tarmac.

At the bottom of the stairs he gave a salute, then stopped to greet San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris, chatting with Newsom briefly and patting Harris on the back.

He also greeted a crowd that had assembled for his arrival, giving one person a hug, and waved to members of the media before getting into a black Cadillac and being driven off at 12:57 p.m.

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One of the people he spoke with was 44-year-old Jodi Fisher, of Cayucos, San Luis Obispo County, a cancer patient who made headlines recently by giving out free ice cream in her town—something she said was on her “bucket list.”

Also on her list was appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and shaking President Obama’s hand. Shortly after a local newspaper quoted her saying that, Fisher got a call inviting her to meet the president Thursday.

“I didn’t think it was real,” she said.

After meeting Obama, Fisher was beaming from ear to ear.

“I couldn’t believe he knew my name,” she said. “That was exciting.”

The president’s first stop will be at a private reception at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel on Nob Hill at 2 p.m.

Obama will then head to a private fundraising dinner at a Pacific Heights home, and then give a speech at an 8 p.m. fundraiser at the Nob Hill Masonic Center featuring a performance by Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

Among those in attendance at Thursday night’s event will be 15 excited teenagers from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, spokeswoman Brittany Johnson said.

The 15-, 16-, and 17-year-olds were selected to see the president based on their achievements in school and leadership roles they have taken on in the community, Johnson said.

“They’re absolutely thrilled,” Johnson said.

Several activist groups plan to protest Obama’s visit.

“Frostpaw,” a polar bear mascot for the environmental protection group Center for Biological Diversity, will appear outside the Masonic Center to call on the Obama administration to halt oil drilling in the Arctic.

Medical marijuana activists also plan to gather outside the Masonic Center as part of a nationwide day of protest against the administration’s crackdown on marijuana dispensaries, organizers said.

Activists from CodePink, World Can’t Wait SF, and the Occupy movement have also indicated they will protest outside that event.

Obama was scheduled to spend the night in San Francisco Thursday night before departing for Washington state Friday morning. His visit to San Francisco followed fundraising stops in Los Angeles.

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Comments (5)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    A state with the second highest unemployment, and this is the best we can do?

  2. PLW says:

    Seems like Prez. Obama spends more time in California and Hawaii than he does in Washington D.C. or Illinois…… Most Americans cannot afford to travel, let alone purchase fuel for their car… In my next life, I want to become an elite politician who rules over the common-folk and lives like royality….

  3. Starchild says:

    Just got back from this protest earlier tonight… there were about 500 people demonstrating outside Obama’s appearance at the Masonic Auditorium on Nob Hill, including large numbers of cannabis activists, Tea Partiers, Occupy supporters, Ron Paul supporters, Bradley Manning supporters, and pro-lifers. Quite a diverse cross-section of Americans!

    Of course the president was whisked in, in a huge convoy, and didn’t dare show his face out on the street. There were a ridiculous amount of cops and security vehicles around. One wonders how much this visit will have cost San Francisco taxpayers, and whether Obama will be reimbursing the city for any of the costs of all this security out of the profits of the $35,800 per plate private dinner that he hosted in Pacific Heights.