SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Randy Moss worked out for the 49ers Monday as the team continues its search for a star wide receiver. The 35-year-old six time Pro Bowl selection didn’t play last season.

KCBS morning anchor Stan Bunger asked John Madden if Moss still has “enough gas in the tank.”

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“The gas in the tank to me has to be his speed,” Madden said. “He’s never been a possession receiver. He’s never been a big strong guy going across the middle. He’s been a guy that takes the top off the defense. And you better keep a safety back there because on any play he can go deep. So to me that would be the big test.”

Because rules prohibit players from participating in off-season team workouts, 49er coach and former QB Jim Harbaugh ended up throwing passes to Moss.

“I don’t know if (Harbaugh) can throw enough of those deep balls or if he can get it out there far enough,” John said. “If he can, that’s probably a reason not to sign him.”

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Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is expected to go the Washington Redskins, who traded up to the second position in the draft. Madden said Washington will need more than RG III at quarterback to be successful.

“(Coach Mike Shanahan) is going to have to surround him with players,” Madden said. “With free agency coming up now and a draft and college free agency, I’m sure that they’re going to really stock that team up.” (8:25)

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