SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — A majority of San Francisco residents want Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi – recently convicted in a domestic violence case – to either step down from office or be removed by the city’s Board of Supervisors, according to a new KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll released Wednesday night.

The poll found 72 percent of those surveyed believed Mirkarimi should resign his post as sheriff, with 67 percent saying city leaders should oust him if he won’t go.

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Mirkarimi Officially Suspended; Interim Sheriff Sworn In

A defiant Mirkarimi on Tuesday refused to step down, prompting Mayor Ed Lee to suspend him and initiate a city Ethics Commission probe Wednesday that could ultimately lead to his removal by supervisors.

The mayor said the sheriff’s guilty plea to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge involving his wife fell “below the standards of decency and good faith.”

Mirkarimi maintains his conviction does not constitute official misconduct that rises to the legal requirements to remove him.

However, the CBS 5 poll found a 66 percent majority of San Franciscans approved of the mayor’s handling of the situation in seeking to oust the sheriff.

The CBS 5 poll was conducted by the firm SurveyUSA, which interviewed 461 San Francisco adults on Wednesday. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percent.

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Comments (25)
  1. proud_bay_man says:

    Show your children what a powerful man you are, and resign. It sickens me that this man was known for fighting for the little guy, and here he is, well, doing just the opposite. Sad thing for his children to watch.

    1. PILATUSVOGEL says:

      “fighting for the little guy”?
      You got it wrong and so did a lot of suckers in S.F, he fought the little guy, the one that can’t fight him back.
      Deep down, Ross Mirkarimi is a coward and he will go after those that can’t fight him back. I suppose this might somehow explain the 3 guns he owns.

  2. Sunny says:

    Sheriff Mirkarimi has a high moral character and was only acting in self-defense. If San Franciscans really want him out, they can go to the polls in four years and do it the legal way. Give this man the chance he deserves and stop listening to the disgruntled deputies and their families.

    1. PILATUSVOGEL says:


      “stop listening to the disgruntled deputies and their families”, did Mirkarimi yet had time to abuse them too? Darn!!
      I know you mean well Sunny, if you lay off the koolaid for few hours, you’ll find out that S.F owes this convicted criminal NOTHING and we don’t need to wait for 4 years, if BOS don’t do their Job then a Recall as of July 8 will take care of things.

      Just remember, 8 hours bottle (KoolAid) to keypad, it does help if you think before you type.

    2. JaneQPublic says:

      FORMER sheriff Ross Mirkarimi got the ‘chance he deserves’ – and he blew it. He is totally NOT appropriate for any position of public trust after doing so. His 15 minutes are up.

      Wait 4 (more) years to remove him the legal way? He is already being removed THE LEGAL WAY!

    3. Ann Garrison says:

      Sunny: Re “disgruntled deputies and their families.” Thank you for putting that to words. Many of the Deputies do seem to think that they, not the people of San Francisco, should be able to elect the Sheriff. I studied the history of this and learned that the deputies also rebelled when Sheriff Mike Hennessey put a rehabilitated ex-offender third in command in the Department, though he had handled rehabilitation services and worked in other capacities there for many years.

      And, a CBS poll is not an election.

      1. PILATUSVOGEL says:

        Ann Garrison,
        Lets compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. The rehabilitated 3rd in command that Sheriff Hennessey hired had already spent years behind bars, recovered and redeemed himself and yes he did great work for the dept and is well liked an appreciated. However, he was, as you correctly reported 3rd in command, not the Sheriff who has NO CIVIL OVERSIGHT, and unlike Mirkarimi he wasn’t in denial when he took the job and neither was he on probation. In other words, he took responsibility recovered and redeemed himself and set out to prove he can be trustworthy.
        Furthermore, I concur, 99% of the 1,000 deputies at SFSD supported Mirkarimi’s political rival during the election, when this saga was not public knowledge yet. What this tells you is that they clearly had demonstrated that they nixed Mirkarimi, and ironically this saga proves them right, because they felt his rival was qualified for the job and Mirkarimi wasn’t. If this cast these people as rebels so be it, they are held to rigid standards of ethics and can’t be involved in criminal activities and being a domestic violence perpetrator disqualifies you from working for the dept especially from carrying a gun.
        SFSD, if anything deserve kudos for handling themselves graciously under pressure, they didn’t, as you implied, rebel. Instead, they carried on doing their job and slugging away quietly and let City Hall deal with this issue. The Mayor and BOS should do their job and the people of San Francisco must do right by SFSD and trigger a RECALL if warranted. Mirkarimi proved himself unfit for the job and is not trustworthy.
        Disclaimer, I don’t work for SFSD.

  3. JP says:

    The man took a plea deal which is the same thing as pleading guilty. He was convicted of a crime. As an elected official and especially as Sheriff, he needs to man up, do the right thing, and step down.

    1. TG says:

      If he was innocent he should have went to trial. Too bad he didn’t hire me, I would have never recommended a plea. Unless of course he was guilty

  4. Franciscan says:

    What hubris! – the only thing Mirkarimi really cares about is his career. At this point, he is just holding out to gain another cushy job from his benefactors. No matter if this destroys his family. This high-school educated bum should resign.

  5. Gary says:

    As a former Firefighter/Paramedic I have had the unfortunate opportunity to pick up the pieces of battered women. Too often they were the victims of repeat offenders. So I know from experiences that Ross Mirkarimi displays the classic signs of someone who will continue to escalate his pattern of abuse into more, and more violent episodes. However what makes this man even more of a threat is the fact that he is so convinced of his own self importance that he feels himself above facing any consequences for his actions. Not permanently removing him from the office of Sheriff will only enable his despicable actions; and even worse give him free reign to become nothing more than a violent thug, with a badge.

    1. JaneQPublic says:

      Thank you, Gary for your insight into this. You are totally correct. I am relieved that the Mayor had the gumption to remove this ARROGANT MENACE from his self-serving pedestal – now let’s hope & pray the SF Supervisors have the cajones to back up the Mayor’s decision. We do NOT need a sheriff of such dangerous character as Ross Mirkarimi. And he owns THREE GUNS? Kudos to the Judge for ruling he can’t have access to them.

  6. Ron lee says:

    I wonder why. Newsom was not suspended,he was a cocaine user, cheater and went to bars and served his 20 yr old under drinking ahe girl friend?

    1. PILATUSVOGEL says:

      He admitted he had issues, took his meidcationa and straightened his act. I can live with that.

      But, not Murk, oh no, you catch him ib the act and he’d nlame it on hidden powers at work, Theo, anybody…but not himself, cuz he is a powerful man.

      Got news fory you, powerful no moooore.

    2. James says:


  7. Trevor says:

    Why did Mayor Lee choose Vivki? Why not Paul? That old hadg is useless.

    1. PILATUSVOGEL says:

      Had the Mayor appointed Cunnie or Miyamoto, this would present an appearnace of someone undoing an election. Vicki Hennessy will hold it all together as an interim Sheriff until some serious issues are resolved through the Ethics Commission & BOS or Recall and re-election. Let’s not second guess the Mayor or the Interim Sheriff, they need our support as we navigate around Mirkarimi’s stunts.

    2. bronx says:

      I know her and YOU are so wrong! Ask the Sheriff’s what they think of Vicki!

  8. James says:

    This is a grown man who finally learning that a person has to take responsibility for their actions, he should have manned up instead of acting like a arrogant idiot.

  9. James says:

    Willie Brown just said that the guy will have a problem just finding a job in this town after this display.

  10. tn says:

    Can’t have him as Sheriff because all the battered women offenders will plead the “Mirkarimi” and he would almost be obliged to grant it, if you know what I mean.

  11. James says:

    He pleaded guilty to a criminal count, last time I checked you can’t be sheriff, or any other law enforcement officer with a record.

  12. bronx says:

    Be a REAL MAN and just go! Why are Progressives such narcissistic people?