SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS/BCN)— A pedestrian who was struck by a bicyclist in San Francisco’s Castro District last week has died, authorities said Wednesday. The bicyclist may face charges in his death.

The victim, identified by the medical examiner’s office as 71-year-old Sutchi Hui, of San Bruno, died Tuesday at San Francisco General Hospital after he was struck at the intersection of Market and Castro streets shortly before 8:10 a.m. on March 29, police said.

Authorities were not immediately releasing the location or time of Hui’s death, and the cause of death remains under investigation.

“The exact cause of death will be up to the medical examiner’s office. We’re waiting for that official report to know exactly what caused the death of this victim,” said San Francisco Police Spokesman Albie Esparza.

Police said the accident happened when a man riding a bicycle was traveling south on Castro Street and was crossing Market Street when he struck Hui, who was walking east in the crosswalk.

Witnesses reported that the bicyclist, who has not been identified, may have run a red light prior to the collision, but that information has not yet been confirmed.

Both were taken to the hospital and at the time police said their injuries were not considered life threatening.

San Francisco District Attorney spokesman Omid Talai said, “The case has not been formally presented to us but we are consulting with the SFPD.”

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Comments (24)
  1. Bob says:

    A bicyclist running a red light??????? OMG. This is a first.

  2. Stacey says:

    Bicycle riders are a pain in the butt! They only follow the rules of the road IF it doesn’t inconvenience them.

    1. rexkramer769 says:

      Drivers are a pain in the butt! They only follow the rules of the road IF it doesn’t inconvenience them.

      1. dsavio says:

        both true.

  3. He’ll get the book thrown at him. A $50 fine, which he won’t pay. His family should sue the SFPD for willfully making ticketing of red-light running bicyclists “a low priority” AKA, we won’t do it because it is not politically correct, and might cost the mayor votes. If they get to choose which laws to enforce they are making themselves part of the legislative brach of government, when they are supposed to be part of the judicial branch of government.

    1. LingLing says:

      A cyclist hit my car, called the police to file charges, and told the police he was actually on his hand-held cell phone when he hit me. Yet…. he expected me to give him money! The sense of cyclist entitlement in SF is astounding. What are fragile and at-risk people to do in crosswalks? Run? The cyclist in this case should be charged with manslaughter, if the cyclist is at fault. And the police should ticket bicyclists more often for not obeying stop signs.

  4. Did CBS actually pay Getty Images’ rates for that lousy bicycle wheel photo? That’s pathetic. No wonder talented freelance digital artists are starving if that is the standard. I wouldn’t put my name on it.

  5. alurker2009 says:

    some day soon, there will be a critical mass of non-cyclists who will rise up and take back the streets from these 2 wheeled thugs.

  6. Cedricke dennis says:

    Thanks critical mass

  7. Herbert Weiner says:

    This is another tragedy but not an unexpected one. The Bicycle Coalition has done nothing, as far as I know, to curb the excesses of cyclists who have a sense of entitlement. Nor has City Hall or its government agencies done anything to bring these renegade cyclists to heel. The Municipal Transit Authority loves and panders to them and the Board of Supervisors think that they’re terrific. Maybe things will change if a member of the Board or the Mayor gets run over in the intersection. This is an ongoing disgrace to the city where no pedestrian is safe.

    1. rexkramer769 says:

      Really. 685 pedestrian deaths by auto in SF occurring between 2000 and 2009. That’s a staggering amount and yet you don’t see anyone screaming for officials to “curb the excesses of motorists who have a sense of entitlement.” No doubt there are law-breakers no matter what the mode of transportation may be; law enforcement needs to step it up. The only thing scofflaws understand is a heavy fine. It’s not a cycling problem. It’s a people problem.

      1. What planet have you been on? The Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association got a special Citizen’s Task For for the Central Freeway set up with them totally staffing it and later when it was expanded in size, they still held the majority. They wanted to move the last off-ramp to someone else’s neighborhood, South of Market, and divert traffic to Cathedral Hill via Franklin St. They screamed and used that argument and anecdotal evidence to keep the freeway from being repaired/rebuilt in their neighborhood. They knew their property values would skyrocket, and many have since cashed out with huge windfalls. Of course those cars are just on other streets in other neighborhoods now. You could have applied to be on the task force when it was expanded in size to 30 SF citizens like I did if you care , why didn’t you? If you had you’d know about this and not make such lame arguments that no one is ” screaming for officials to “curb the excesses of motorists who have a sense of entitlement.”” The problem is, the SF neighborhood organizations are always just looking out for their own special interests, just like the San Francisco bicycle coalition. It’s been over 20 years and almost of that land is still vacant. The lots that have been built on with no opposition are the two that are farthest from Hayes Valley. The HVNA has only acted to stop housing being built on the land, not encourage it, despite using that as a reason to tear down the freeway.

  8. Choice says:

    Lets not point fingers at each other and blame each other person when we all make mistakes or choose to not do the right thing.
    Stay alert to others around you and lets all make it our goal to be safe and kind to each other. It is the only way to survive and be happy.

  9. Claude says:

    Please dont be too quick to judge. If the cyclist enters the intersection on yellow light, the pedestrian has the obligation to let the intersection clear before he or she steps into the intersection. If the cyclist enters on the red, the cyclist is wrong, but bicyclists have the same rights as motorists and the same obligations. And the police rarely favor bicyclists in accident reports. Ever see anyone crossing against a red light or out of the crosswalk, arrogantly ignoring you when you have a green light? If we paint with too broad a brush, its just not fair.

  10. MissionEm says:

    Did you not read/see the report where the wife said it WAS because the victim ALWAYS took time to look both ways before crossing that he got struck by the cyclist. Mrs. Hui was two steps ahead of her husband and unscathed. Read this cyclist’s blog/comments and tell me he isn’t a complete arrogant pig.

    After two pedestrian deaths by cyclist this year, the cyclist community needs to stop pushing blame and acting like victims to take accountability for your own. SF is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the WORLD so shut your crying and figure out if you want the rights of a pedestrian or vehicle .. can’t be both.