LOS ANGELES (KCBS/AP) — State rail officials said the route of the planned Bay Area-to-Southern California high-speed train system is getting shortened.

The Los Angeles Times reported the $68 billion project won’t build a train line from San Francisco to Anaheim as originally intended.

Instead, the bullet train would stop in Los Angeles, 40 miles northwest of the Orange County city and passengers would transfer to Metrolink if they want to complete their trip on public transportation.

Rail authority chairman Dan Richard told the Times the new route between LA and Orange County would cost $6 billion and save only 10 minutes of travel time compared to the current trains.

KCBS’ Janice Wright Reports:

Walt Disney Co. has been a strong advocate for the train reaching the Disneyland area.

“Certainly they would like to see high-speed rail all the way to Anaheim and it may in fact still go there some day,” Richard said.

Richard said the savings of dropping Anaheim from initial construction plans makes financial sense.

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Comments (9)
  1. bob says:

    The whole boondoggle needs to be killed.

  2. NoHateSF says:

    On the road to “MEDIUM speed rail”.

    All the compromises / track sharing will only result in trains averaging 70-80 mph, instead of 100-200 mph. It doesn’t matter if a train hits 100mph ONCE during one small portion of it’s lengthy cross state journey if the AVERAG speed is no greater than a speeding car on the I-5. You need to TRIPLE the car speed at HALF the cost of the airfare, to get people out of their cars and airplanes between SF and LA.

    Otherwise, stop wasting tax payer dollars on this fiasco that is looking more and more like a slow SF Muni ride between SF and LA every day!

  3. gna says:

    If I want to ride a bullet train I’ll go to Europe or Japan, but not California’s central valley..

  4. DataminerII says:

    This is sounding a like the train to now where but at a great cost!
    After the right of ways are stolen and then the whole thing canceled it will make a great hiking trail all across the state, that should be worth a few billion to a few people!

  5. Mark says:

    What a waist of money. I know I will never ride it.

  6. rod says:

    all you simple minded doubters would have said the same thing when we built the rail across the us freeways that become obsolete after they are built ,gas cost to drive these cars, airtravel with it’s escalating costs and time to get to air ports and parking, the highway lobby that has no interest in effecent public transport, the myopic politicians that pander to them countrys all over the world are turnning to high speed rail we have no economic future with out p[aning for the future the interesting fact people will be willing to vote for something they want they will never say we can’t afford it. France and other countrys don’t dont vote for sociates needs they provide it then improve on it. are type of democaracy is a failure and with super majority on voting it insures only the negitive uninlighted will succed in bringing down the future of sociates needs very sad, sad indeed

    1. bob says:

      You seem to be missing a major component of your brain…the intelligence part.

  7. fenchel says:

    Kill this boondoggle now, not later.

  8. werewuf says:

    The worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas