SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Now that the Affordable Care Act has been ruled on U.S. Supreme Court, participation in the health insurance program is the next hurdle for proponents. And, it stands to reason that the medical community will have a lot to say to state officials across the nation who are thinking of “opting out.”

“Doctors and hospitals will be unified in their desire to have their states opt in,” opined Dr. Josh Adler, Chief Medical Officer of UCSF Medical Center, Benioff Children’s Hospital and Medical Director of UCSF Ambulatory Care.

Dr. Adler believes there are several reasons why the medical community will be pushing their respective states to opt in, to the Affordable Care Act – even though the Supreme Court struck down that particular mandate.

One reason is that doctors and hospitals want their patients to be covered and have access to care. The other reason is money.

“Part of the legislation actually involves the federal government pulling away some dollars called DISH, or disproportionate share funding, that went to safety net hospitals, primarily who see a lot of uninsured,” he reasoned.

Dr. Adler points out that, when the Affordable Care Act is fully in place, that money – DISH money – goes away.

Hear more about how the Affordable Care Act on a special In Depth, featuring Dr. Adler and legal analyst Rory Little, Professor of Law at University of California’s Hastings College of the Law.

KCBS In Depth Guests: Dr. Josh Adler and Law Professor Rory Little

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