SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Apple has pulled the plug on its first foray into cloud computing ending its paid cloud and synch service MobileMe.

The service was supposed to synchronize calendars, contacts, emails and photos in the cloud across various devices both from Apple and other companies such as a PC’s and an iPhones.

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It was something that Apple even tried to do, but in Steve Jobs’ own words; it wasn’t their finest hour. While it wasn’t well executed it was ahead of its time and the concept was strong and it lead to iCloud.

It’s not too far off from other cloud-based services such as Dropbox. The difference between MobileMe and iCloud is the core services of the latter are free, with limited storage.

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A lot of the things they were charging for on MobileMe will now be free because that’s the competitive world. Similarly, Google Drive and Dropbox both have free services.

KCBS Tech Report:

The service is also being used to do more like backing up documents and photos, but with an Apple flare and optimized for people with multiple Apple products.

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