SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Microsoft unveiled an updated version of its popular Office suite at a presentation at San Francisco’s Metreon Monday that integrates social media and cloud computing, along with compatibility for tablet computers.

The latest version incorporates Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage system, where every document you save is automatically saved to the cloud instead of your hard drive. This also means you can access the document from a different device anywhere in the world.

They have also integrated Skype and other social media features including Facebook into Microsoft Office and they’re also working towards a touch-based interface.

KCBS Tech Report:

Reporters at the conference were loaned a Windows 8 touch tablet with Microsoft Office running on a touch interface.

It’s very tablety, very touchy, social media and cloud based.

There are some concerned about the scaling down of the word processing software since Apple iPad users are used to Pages, what some call a bare-bones word processer.

Microsoft is claiming this won’t be a scaled-down version and that if you want you can go into desktop mode on your laptop and it will function just like a regular Windows desktop.

They’re keeping their traditional interface and also giving the option to move on to a tile touch-based platform. They’re going for a tall order in competing with Apple on touch screen and tablets as well as taking on Google in cloud computing.

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