SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — A scoop of fruit salad, and big wedge of frittata make up just part of the 3200 plus meals the San Francisco Chapter of Meals on Wheels prepares each and every day, feeding over 2800 needy seniors.

Meals On Wheel’s Executive Director Ashley McCumber said they offer so much more than just food.

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“The idea that nutrition is the thing that we knock on the door to deliver, but what we are really delivering is people independence, their dignity, a safety check and friendliness. It’s a big job and some 53 employees are up to the task along with over 1000 volunteers. MOW’s is now in it’s 41st year having served over 1 million meals. It’s a job packed with pride, and so much more said Assistant Food Service Director Rick Singh…..”it’s like we are doing this for our family.”

A fleet of 17 trucks delivers the meals throughout the city. Driver Toni Maher left her desk job to knock on doors delivering meals. She hits 40 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon, and she loves it. ”I prefer doing a job where you feel like your doing something useful.”

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69-year old Michael Evans agrees with Maher. He’s been a Meals On Wheel’s client for 6 years and enjoys the meals, and the company too. “It’s extremely important! I get pretty lonely because I lost my roommate about a year ago. I look forward to Toni’s visits.”

Meals On Wheels has been serving Bay Area residents for over 40-years.

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