Brian Hackney discovers an abandoned WWI destroyer in the southern San Francisco bay.

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  1. Doug Murray says:

    Brian, Enjoyed the South Bay show. I grew up in the 1950’s and was a member of Sea Scout Ship 151, the ” Belmonster”, out of Belmont. Our base was where the current Mercedes Dealership is just north of the Ralson and 101 interchange. In the early to mid 59’s we used to go out to the old US Navy ship that you mentioned in your show. They where still in fairly good contintion then and you could get aboard and roam through them as they still had the superstructure intact. We also used to fish for sharks, in fact there used to be a yearly “Shark Derby” fishing event back them. Not “Politically correct” today.
    I have been using and sailing the south bay since I was 15, now 75. Am a member of Sequoia Yacht Club, right next door to your sponser, Spinaker Sailing. If fact I have just returned from a Club “cruise out” with 12 boats and 50 people to Jack London Square in Oakland this wekend. We do similar curise once a month. Next one is to Tiburon.
    You might want to do a show on the “Yacht Clubs of the bay” someday. Our club was established in 1939. The South Bay YC in Alviso in 1895 and The Corinthian YC in Tiburon in 1886. In fact my dad sailed on a sloop named the “Queen” out of the Corintihain YC in the 20’s and my middle name, Ross, is after the skipper of that boat.

    Enjoy your show, if you ever want to join us let me know,
    Dougls Ross Murray, Hunter 356 “Murmur”

  2. Ed Blake says:

    Can anyone at KPIX explain why this particular segment of EOTB doesn’t have the video links available? Other segments do, why did this one get left out?

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