FREMONT (CBS SF) — A Fremont man was behind bars Monday after allegedly attempting to hang his girlfriend during an argument.

Fremont police responded to a frantic 911 call from the backyard of a home on Beatrice Street.

Officers say 31-year old Daniel Howard bound his girlfriend by her hands, and strung a noose over a branch of a backyard tree.

‘He told her he going to hang her, he was going to kill her,’ said Fremont officer Geneva Bosques.

When Howard went inside to get a cigarette, the victim dug her cell phone out from her back pocket, and managed to call police.

When officers moved in on the backyard, the victim was strung to a tree by a noose, standing on a barrel.  Howard allegedly used the victim as a shield, before pushing the victim off the barrel, and attempting to flee.

Police officers caught the woman when he pushed her toward an embankment.

Howard was eventually arrested.

“He would’ve killed her. He would’ve hung her from that rope,’ said Bosques.

Police had responded to the home at least six times on drug-related calls in the past.

Howard’s brothers told CBS 5 the suspect was likely high on meth.

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