Stay dry while tailgating in Oakland (Credit, Kristina Ruiz-Healy)

Okay, so Oakland Raiders tailgaters at Coliseum don’t face the same weather elements as their counterparts in places like Boston, Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh. Football fans in all four cities have endured some famously snowy, wind-whipped games. Nonetheless, it can get nippy during pregame tailgating at the Coliseum.

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To ward off the chills while getting fired up for a Raiders game, follow these tips from some cold-weather pros in Boston, Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh. These suggestions are from the City of Boston, the Chicago Department of Public Health, New York-based Topical BioMedics Inc., the New York City Office of Management and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

  • Monitor local weather conditions for game day.
  • Wear a hat, hood or scarf, as most heat is lost through the head.
  • Dress in layers; you’ll be better insulated. “Wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing,” the City of Boston says.
  • Be sure to bring along a water-repellant jacket or coat.
  • Keep your clothing dry. If an item of clothing gets wet, remove it. “Wet clothing negates the insulating effect,” according to the Chicago health department.
  • Drink warm non-alcoholic beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soup.
  • Stay hydrated, especially by drinking water. “You may be surprised to know that your body uses more water in winter than in the summer, so you need to consume more fluids. That’s because it takes a lot of energy to keep warm, and the heat generated to maintain a stable temperature uses up moisture,” Topical BioMedics says.
  • Eat plenty of hearty food. “Warm food and drink will warm you inside and keep your strength and spirits up,” the Pittsburgh hospital says.
  • Pack a blanket.
  • Stash gloves or mittens in your coat pockets.
  • Don’t forget an umbrella or poncho.
  • Wear waterproof shoes or boots as well as thick socks. “lf your feet are cold and wet, it won’t matter how well the rest of your body is bundled up,” the Pittsburgh hospital says. “You will still be miserable!”

With a severe rainstorm expected to blast the Bay Area this weekend, tailgaters aren’t the only ones who are preparing for wild weather. The Raiders’ opponents this Sunday, the Cleveland Browns, are keeping an eye on the Oakland forecast, too. However, Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress isn’t too concerned.

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Here’s what Childress had to say about the Browns’ game plan for Sunday’s game on the Raiders’ home turf: “I don’t think they’ve got a typhoon defense or something like that they’re going to play in certain situations. While our special teams coach may have a typhoon return, I don’t think we have a typhoon offense.”

The Raiders appear to be ready for the Browns – and the “monsoon.” As Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer pointed out, the team practiced Wednesday in “howling winds and pouring rain.” And the weather forecast hasn’t dampened the team’s enthusiasm. Palmer said the Raiders are “hungry for a win, desperate for a win.”

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