SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Online retailers made more than $1 billion in online sales during Black Friday and the long holiday weekend. But several retailers failed to deliver on thousands of those deals.

Stores, including Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Fry’s cancelled orders in droves, because their systems oversold various items. Even online giant had its share of problems.

Amazon customer Carol George thought she found a great deal on a big screen TV. “We placed the order that night with my credit card, probably an hour later we got a confirmation,” George told CBS 5 ConsumerWatch.

A few days later, George received an email from Amazon cancelling her order. She was told the item was no longer available.

Other Black Friday shoppers also complained about their cancelled orders from Dell and Sam’s Club.

Shoppers are frustrated because if their orders are cancelled, they have also lost out on the chance to purchase the item elsewhere at the same low price.

“It was available at Walmart, Sears and Amazon,” said George, who chose Amazon because she’s a regular customer.

After her deal was cancelled, George found the item was selling for $400 to $500 more.

Consumer attorney Gerry Goldsholle said when retailers don’t deliver on promised deals, it could be considered fraudulent and deceptive practices. In such cases, consumers could sue but Amazon requires consumers to settle such disputes through arbitration.

“I don’t think that’s fair I have to. They should give me the TV that they sold it to me originally,” said George.

In the end, Amazon offered George an upgraded TV at no extra cost. Dell and Sam’s Club also made good on their cancelled orders.

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