SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The preparations are well underway in Washington where President Barack Obama is about to be sworn in for his second term on Monday.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, a veteran of the political party circuit, joined us for his comments on this topic.

“It will not be as unique as the case was in 2009,” said Brown, but he said the enthusiasm level will be equal because, for the most part, the audience will be first time attendees for a presidential inauguration.”

And it’s true; the people that were there for the first Obama inauguration are not going to return like it’s a die-hard ticket event. You have to remember, the last time was the change of office that saw the end of the George W. Bush era and people, particularly in California, were ecstatic to see Bush’s exit and headed to Washington to celebrate.

Having said that, Obama’s slogan “Hope” has turned into a reality of cope and we’re trudging along with the economy and making due. It’s also noteworthy how the President was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize at such an alarming speed having just taken office.

But what can the president do on Monday to try to recapture some of that hope?

“I don’t think he will attempt to recapture that hope. I think he will recount the mutual achievements and the great pride we showed and what can be projected for the future in [his] last term,” said Brown.

We both agreed that the second presidential term seems to lose some of its luster.

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