SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Google is getting into online gaming with something they’re calling Super Sync Sports. I’m actually a little mad at myself for wasting my afternoon playing this game.

The way it works is you synchronize your Chrome browser on your computer to a Chrome browser on your smartphone. I installed Chrome on both my iPhone and my Android phone and then your phone or tablet works as a game controller, similar to a Wii tablet. You just hold it in your hand. In my case I did some cycling and swimming. You do it just by manipulating your fingers on the screen of your device. It then instantly reflects on the screen of your computer.

The faster I moved my fingers along the pad, the faster my little guy would move along the computer screen. It’s so bizarre though, because you’re holding the device in your hand that isn’t physically connected to your computer. There’s no direct wire or even a direct internet connection, but via Wi-Fi it magically syncs together.

I can’t imagine Google is making any money with this service, but they love to push the envelope and try out new technologies. By the way, it’s not the only product out there that integrates the phone and another device. I have a Roku on my TV that I used to watch Netflix and Amazon on and I can use my iPhone to control the Roku box. It’s a growing trend that has our cell phones becoming the controlling device in our lives.

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