SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A car crashed into a two-story home just before 4 a.m. Friday in San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood.

Harmony Love said she was inside the home, on the corner of Palou and Hawes streets, and heard a loud “boom” in the pre-dawn hours.

“I thought it was an earthquake,” she said. “Looked out the window, saw the car here. Came outside, I was surprised by this big ‘ol hole.”

Asked where the driver was, she responded “we don’t know, they’re gone.”

“No driver, just the car and the hole,” she said.

There were no injuries reported by residents, and no gas lines were compromised, though damage to the garage was indeed significant.

Police confirmed that the car was not stolen, though it was totaled in the crash. Investigators were hoping closer inspection of the vehicle would yield some clues about the driver and circumstances surrounding the incident.

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