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ANAHEIM (CW BAY AREA/GEEKSPEAK) – Before Stephen Amell aka “Oliver Queen/Arrow” of The CW’s “Arrow,” went on stage at Wondercon 2013, he stopped by for a one-on-one with Rachel of the Geek Speak Video Show and The CW Bay Area.

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When you’re at a comic book convention and you have a chance to meet the star of one of the biggest shows to debut on television, what do you ask? Rachel Rossilli of The Geek Speak Video Show kicked off her interview with the star of The CW’s “Arrow” Stephen Amell and got direct to the meat of his character. Which persona does Stephen Amell prefer to play? Rough & rugged Arrow or billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Amell’s responds with “…Oliver and his “terrible hair.”

SPOILER ALERT! Rachel then asked about how Oliver’s reveal to Tommy will affect future episodes. Amell said that it won’t go well and judging from the end of “Unfinished Business,” Tommy will be aligning himself on the wrong side. Will Tommy partner up with his father Malcolm otherwise known as the “Dark Archer?”

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Stephen also reconfirms reports that highly anticipated film version of the best-selling book “Fifty Shades of Grey” is still a long ways off. “…I think that project is further off than people want it to be.” Amell said.

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