SARATOGA (KCBS)— The three teens accused of sexually assaulting a Saratoga High School student who later committed suicide have been released from juvenile hall and are now placed on home detention.

The 16 year-olds were charged with sexual battery against Audrie Pott who allegedly passed out from partying at a friend’s house last September.

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A number of her friends, including Sarah Broughton, were upset over the suspects’ release.

“I don’t think they deserve to be in the comfort of their own home. I really think they deserve to be in juvenile hall until the trial starts and during the trial if that’s possible. I really don’t think house arrest is a good semi-punishment,” said Broughton.

Legal Analyst Steven Clark, also a former prosecutor, said a juvenile hall release isn’t all that surprising.

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“The court likely looked at these minors and said that there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest they’re a danger to the community at this time. They’re not a flight risk and they’ve never been in trouble with the court before. All of those factors go into the court’s decision in whether to release them on home detention, pending their felony trial,” Clark said.

Neither the Pott family or their attorney are allowed to comment on the status of the suspects.

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