SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The official San Francisco voter guide for this fall’s election could be one of the thickest in city history because of one particularly controversial referendum.

Election officials at City Hall said they have no choice in the matter in the guide that looks more like a phone book and makes a thud when you drop it on the table.

“We haven’t formatted it yet. It’ll get shrunk down some. The margins will get a bit wider, the print will get smaller. But the initial product that we receive from the proponents of the referendum is 502 pages, I believe,” said San Francisco Elections Chief John Arntz.

The referendum he speaks of has to do with the height of the 8 Washington waterfront condo development project.

Arntz said city rules require the full text of referendums to be presented to voters.

“We’re looking at close to $1.8 million to print all this material,” Arntz said.

This year’s San Francisco ballot guide will likely be twice as long as usual and will go out to half a million voters.

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