Tom Hanks (credit: CBS This Morning)

Tom Hanks (credit: CBS This Morning)

(CBS News) – Tom Hanks is currently starring in Nora Ephron’s last completed work, “Lucky Guy,” a play about Pulitzer Prize-winning New York City columnist Mike McAlary. Hanks, who was recently nominated for a Tony for his Broadway debut, said he was nervous about the move from the silver screen to the stage.

“I was worried, quite frankly, about the physiology for it,” he said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning,” calling the constant pressure of live performances a demand for “concentrated excellence” every night, or afternoon performance.

“I didn’t know if I had the tools or if I was in shape,” Hanks added. He credits the ensemble cast and direction of Tony-winner George C. Wolf.

LuckyGuy Hanks 620x350 Tom Hanks On Broadway Challenges, Love & Marriage

Tom Hanks as reporter Mike McAlary, with Michael Gaston (background), Maura Tierney and Peter Scolari, in “Lucky Guy” (credit: CBS News)

The Concord-born Hanks also revealed a quirky penchant for social media, explaining that he has taken to snapping photos of lone gloves around New York City and posting them online. “What is a better metaphor for the loneliness of the city,” he asked.

Turning to life at home, Hanks touched on the perks of being a grandfather — “just being entertained by whatever the kid is doing” — and shared what his wife Rita Wilson, whom he married in 1988, taught him about family life and the “degree of love that is unconditional.”

Speaking of his own parents, Hanks joked that they “pioneered the marriage dissolution law for the state of California,” referencing their divorce that “essentially split up” his “perennially torn-asunder” family.

Whereas, he explained, “Rita’s Greek family was this table where everybody was always welcome … and also a family that puts up with how pissed off they are at each other.”

For more from Hanks on his storied film career, stage acting, and life at home, watch the full interview below.

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