SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency voted on Tuesday to move ahead with a program to limit the parking of oversized vehicles on the city streets.

Last year, the Board of Supervisors approved a plan to reduce overnight parking of large vehicles on streets on the east and west ends of the city and along Golden Gate Park. The SFMTA board on Tuesday approved no overnight parking signs on dozens of streets and violators will receive $100 tickets.

“The program is not meant to target people who are living in campers and other vehicles,” Bond Yee, the Director of Sustainable Streets for SFMTA, said.

Yee’s comment was met with boos, hisses and curses from the homeless and advocates who attended the meeting and begged the commission not to move forward with the three-month pilot program to ban overnight parking.

“I feel like it’s just as much my right to park on the street since it’s a registered, insured vehicle as it is somebody with a new BMW. This seems to be auto-racism to me,” one homeless man said.

Residents in remote areas of the city have pushed for the ban. They say that large trucks, trailers and RVs create neighborhood blight.

The SFMTA has identified 35 on-street zones in The City, including portions of the Great Highway, Industrial Street, Fulton Street and Taraval Street.

While sleeping in a vehicle overnight is already illegal, police officials have said the law is difficult to enforce and that new ordinance would assist them in preventing the proliferation of overnight encampments.

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