SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (CBS SF) — Several shark warning signs found posted in the Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz were fake, state parks officials said Thursday.

Authorities said they received calls from visitors seeking more information about the posted ‘Great White Shark incidences.’

The bogus signs warned people of two shark sightings and one shark attack recently. Eight signs were reportedly posted in the Pleasure Point area saying people needed to stay out of the water for the next 48 hours.

Officials suspect a local surfer may be behind the prank because a large surf is expected in the next two days and the sign suggests beach-goers go to Cowells Beach instead. The person who put up the fake warning signs may have wanted the whole beach to themselves, said park officials.

The parks department believes the fake signs were posted sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning; the signs looked legitimate because they had the California State Parks seal on the notice.

Authorities said no shark attacks or sightings had been reported and all of the signs were now removed. Investigators were trying to determine who put up the bogus warnings.

The last time a shark sighting was reported was about a year ago when a shark bumped up against a person on a kayak, according to lifeguards.

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