SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— It’s bigger than a smart phone and smaller than a tablet. The latest rumor is that Sony plans to introduce what it calls the “phablet” very soon.

But is it a really good idea? Sure, for people who like really big cell phones. If you want to watch movies on your phone or if you want to use your phone like people use tablets, then yes. It certainly means a larger on-screen keyboard for emails. I might appreciate that myself. Sometimes my fingers get a little cramped on the iPhone.

Phones are now being designed with usability in mind. At 6.4 inches is awfully big, so it’s practically a tablet.

It’s going to come with a stylus, so that means you can draw on it if you like, or use it for signatures too.

It is kind of a combo of a phone and a tablet, but let’s face it, that’s how people are using their phones these days.

According to CNET it will have a really fast processor and a pretty good camera so it’s going to be a screaming device. Rumor has it we’ll be learning more about the device at a July 4th announcement.

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