SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— One of the largest groups engaged in what is called gay-conversion therapy has shut down and apologized.

For decades, Florida-based Christian ministry Exodus International promoted therapy to turn gay people straight, but is now saying it was part of a system of ignorance

Peninsula Congressman Jackie Speier is applauding that decision. Last year, Speier introduced a federal resolution calling on Medicaid and other providers not to continue to allow such organizations to be funded with taxpayer dollars.

She said it’s a relief for young people working through sexual identity not to be subject to this kind of brainwashing.

“Exodus was one of the biggest, and I think with its falling, the likelihood of these others drying up in terms of resources and funding will probably go the way of Exodus,” she said.

A statement on the church’s website says a new ministry will take the place of Exodus.

“I was most impressed with the fact that they basically disclosed that they were wrong,” Speier added.

California also last year became the first state to ban reparative therapy for minors.

New Jersey lawmakers will vote on similar legislation next week.

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