SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature for mobile devices that will make it even easier for job seekers to get in touch with their prospective employers. The app turns a LinkedIn profile into a resume.

People are already putting their job history, professional goals and contacts on the professional social networking site and they are already useful in people’s job searches.

The new feature makes absolute sense and they probably should have done this earlier. You can now turn your LinkedIn profile into your resume and make it a way to apply for jobs. This should also help the site build a more loyal following.

People change jobs frequently. I know people in Silicon Valley who seem to change jobs every year or two. They’ll keep coming back; polish and re-polish that profile that acts as their resume as their careers develop.

LinkedIn isn’t the only company to do this. Careerbuilder and Monster also offer the ability to apply for jobs online.

In the old days, you would have to type a resume and print it out and continuously update it, but that’s over. Now that you can simply maintain an online profile and employers have a better chance of finding the right people as a result.

People shouldn’t overlook Facebook and Twitter as ways to land jobs. While these sites are more personal than professional, but I know people who have gotten jobs based on some clever tweets.

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