SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The new flatbreads from California Lavash are really impressive. They’re called artisan flatbreads and what’s really neat is that they’re available at grocery stores throughout the Bay Area.

First, they’ve changed the packaging and they’ve changed the size. What caught my attention initially was that they were bold enough to make the traditional Middle East flatbread, historically made as a large round disc, as rectangles.

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This was done on their machine to cater to a restaurateur who was making wrap sandwiches (they were originally called Aram sandwiches). There’s really no waste here, you lay out the fillings and roll it up in either traditional white lavash; also available in whole grain, spinach, or olive oil & garlic.

They’ve expanded their line to include Sangak bread (this one has a sprinkle of seeds on it) noor and naan. The Sangak is perfectly rectangular while the others are more oval shaped.

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I like to cut them into smaller squares and freeze them. Then when I need them I’ll take them out and drop them in the toaster for about 20 seconds (just enough to defrost) and it tastes like fresh-baked bread. It’s really wonderful!

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