SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Apple’s iOS 7 has only been out for a couple days, but after the much anticipated release, someone has already found a flaw that can let someone access your phone, even if it’s locked.

If the phone is locked, you can go to the control center by swiping up and selecting the alarm clock. Then you would command the phone to shut down. Before the phone shuts down, you would hit cancel and hit the home button a few times. That would bring up the multitasking screen, allowing access to the phone.

I’ve tried it, but I didn’t succeed. ZDnet reported it took them several attempts to accomplish. However, multiple sources have said that it can be done.

Apple has acknowledged the flaw and we should see a quick fix. In the meantime you can go to settings and go the control center and turn off the access to the lock screen so you can no longer get to it. It’s a Band-Aid fix for a larger issue.

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