MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS)—A Mountain View city councilman is proposing a cap on the amount of vehicles that can park at the Google complex as the daily gridlock has become an increasing frustration for both the company’s employees and the area’s residents.

Google’s hiring frenzy has resulted in what some are calling a traffic nightmare in the North Bayshore Area. With nearly 20,000 employees commuting to work, it can take an hour to move just a few blocks in the area surrounding the Google Complex.

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“The residents are getting fed up with it. I think employees are getting fed up with it and even Google with their buses—are getting stuck in traffic,” Mountain View City Councilman Mike Kasperzak said.

Kaperzak said he favors a traffic mitigation plan based on the Stanford University model in which there is a strict cap in place, rather than a percentage, on the amount of cars allowed regardless of the amount of people.

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He said that while Google claims that they have diverted 40 percent of vehicles out of their single amount of cars, 60 percent of the people are still driving—which at close to 20,000 employees is about 12,000 cars.

“Stanford has really incentivized to do programs that keep people out of their cars. They pay people not to drive. They have fairly expensive on-site parking,” Kasperzak said.

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