SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco bar is serving up the unusual combination of free flowing alcohol and spelling bees, and the results have been i-m-p-r-e-s-s-i-v-e.

“This is probably the single most popular promotion we’ve ever put on. And we’ve all been astounded by how huge this one in particular has gotten,” said Cafe Royale co-owner Will Weston of the Drunken Spelling Bee.

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‘It’s a cross between people drinking to their heart’s content and spelling to the best of their abilities and when the two of them meet it either has catastrophic or heroic results,” he added.

There is a $20 fee to play, and you get to drink as much as you want until you’re knocked out of the competition.

“We’ve got that upstairs mezzanine and those rafters will be full of people watching people spell,” Weston said.

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For some, the spelling comes easy, no matter how many drinks they’ve downed.

“I try to like see the word in my mind written on the page, it’s the only way I can do it,” one woman described her strategy.

She insists things don’t get blurry as the competition drags on.

“No, you’re just more excited to get it right because if you get it right you get to keep drinking.”

The next Drunken Spelling Bee is slated for Sunday, Oct. 27 at Cafe Royale, 800 Post St., San Francisco, CA. (415) 441-4099.

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