SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – After losing quarterback Sam Bradford to injury, the Rams called retired star QB Brett Favre to see if he’d be interested in playing again.

“Brett Favre would still be better than 90 percent of the backups in the NFL,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew, noting Favre’s experience and talent trump concerns about his age. Favre, 44, turned down the offer.

“We don’t have much in the way of development of young quarterbacks… The starter gets all the practice, gets all the reps in practice. There’s nothing to develop these guys. And unless you have that special guy that’s been a starter, that knows how to prepare without practicing, then you’re really sitting there with nothing.”

Madden noted that 43-year-old former 49er quarterback Jeff Garcia has expressed interest in playing again.

“I don’t know that he can or not,” John said. “But again, when you get down to comparing him to some of these backups that have never played pro football, he starts to look pretty good to someone.”

The 49ers play the Jaguars in London this weekend. The Raiders have to trade in one of their home games for a London trip next season.

“Why? Who cares?” Madden asked. “People over there still don’t believe that football is soccer… I don’t like it. I wouldn’t like to coach in it, or play in it, or broadcast it, or go to it, or anything.” (7:15)

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