SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — I just arrived in Washington D.C. after my first flight since the FAA changed their rules that allow passengers to keep using their electronic devices during takeoff and landing.

I think I was reading something using the Kindle app on my smartphone and I was able to read without being interrupted. In fact, the only thing I was told was that I had to put my device in airplane mode.

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The rules don’t allow passengers to send texts, make phone calls or email once the airplane door was shut.

When I looked around on the plane I did notice during landing, some people were reading their Kindles. I should note you can’t have your laptop out during landing. It’s not because of a communications issue, but simply for safety reasons. Since laptops are so big, if it flipped out of your hands it could hurt someone.

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The flight attendant was really ecstatic about the new rules. She told me that she really liked that she didn’t have to feel like a nag by going around and telling people to turn off their devices anymore.

There is also concern that the new rules would hinder passengers from listening to the flight attendants’ safety rules upon takeoff, which they already have trouble getting flyers to pay attention to.

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