SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Is 35 the new 25? A new study confirms that well-conditioned athletes will be able to lengthen their careers longer than ever before.

John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew that versatility has as much to do with success for aging athletes as conditioning. ”

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As you get older, you can maybe do the same things, but you can’t do them the same way,” Madden said, noting former Raiders quarterback and kicker George Blanda played pro football until he was 48.

“When he got older, and he would lose a little strength in his arm — he didn’t have a lot of strength anyway — it was based on quickness, get rid of the ball, do those types of things… If you have (multiple) skills and you can go to those skills, then you can do it. Now the guy that relies on one thing — you know, just big and strong and relies on his strength — and (he) starts to lose a little strength, then he’ll lose it. The guy that relies on full speed and loses a little speed, he’ll lose it. The guy that doesn’t rely on any one thing can make an adjustment and do it.”

Should the NFL consider reviewing more end zone plays?

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That’s the question some fans are asking after officials picked up a pass interference flag in the end zone at the end of Monday night’s Patriots-Panthers game, giving Carolina the victory.

“You’d like to have everything that could be wrong to get righted,” Madden said, noting there’s no easy fix. “Do you want to make it an automatic review, like any play in the end zone would be reviewable? Or would you want it to be a coach’s challenge. Now the coaches don’t want any more challenges. They don’t want anymore responsibility for officiating than they have.” (7:40)

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