SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — With Christmas one week away, there are hundreds of businesses encouraging online shoppers to take advantage of Free-Shipping Day this Wednesday.

If you think it’s too late for that— think again.

Radio Shack, Overstock, K-Mart, Sears, Brookstone, Target; the list goes on of retailers still offering free shipping, even if you procrastinated there’s still time.

KCBS anchor Patti Reising said she noticed more free shipping this year from companies she made online purchases with, compared to last year.

If you are still looking for gift ideas, there are some great tech items this year. Among them are the Xbox One, which I purchased. The gaming console actually listens to me unlike some people in my life. It also can play television shows, but it’s not cheap at $499. I like it as a gift for the whole family.

Another much cheaper option I recommend is the Roku. They now have 170 channels on Roku, which is a streaming entertainment device. The devices start at $49, so it’s a great bargain.

Believe it or not, I still like digital cameras. I know everyone has one built into their smartphone, but I really like the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC compact camera models.

As far as smart watches go, I guess I’m not really in love with them yet, but I do like some of their exercise band functions. Nike has a good one, besides we’re probably all eating too much this season anyways.

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