SAN FRANCISCO (KBCS) — Governor Jerry Brown is laying to rest rumors of another planned run for the White House. In response to reporter’s growing questions as to whether or not he was going to run again, Brown said it’s not in the cards.

I’m not sure how serious the rumors were to begin with. It does give us a glimpse to not only the Democratic Party on a nationwide scale, but also here in California. For starters, if Hilary Clinton doesn’t run, then who else?

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It also brings up what a successful political story California is today. During Brown’s gubernatorial tenure the state has gone from the brink of the economic disaster to now being a leader on the rebound.

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It’s worth pointing out that Brown hasn’t officially thrown his hat in the governor’s race either. But I say he’s running for governor. He sees no reason to announce it early. He’s out there raising money and as far as I’m concerned once you start raising money, you’re in the race.

Brown is 75-years-old and he doesn’t really have any opposition from his party (there’s some Republicans that would like to see him out), but polls show him sitting pretty good.

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