SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Rain is expected to reach the Bay Area later on Wednesday and last into Thursday but it may hardly be worth grabbing for an umbrella for as the National Weather Service said it will not make much of a dent in our drought conditions.

“We’ll get little sprinkles tonight in the far reaches of the North Bay above Santa Rosa,” said KPIX 5 Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales. “This will start to open the door for an area of low pressure to drop from the north to the south.”

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Rain, though not much, is expected across much of the region by Thursday.

“Up to a quarter of an inch is expected in the wettest locations with about a tenth of an inch expected throughout much of the Bay Area,” said Gonzales.

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So what does this mean for the Tahoe region? Mostly rainshowers this week with just a chance of snow by Friday.

The weather will almost assuredly set records for the driest January of all time.

Santa Cruz, for example hasn’t received any precipitation at all for the entire month and that, the National Weather Service told KCBS, has never happened before.

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But even a small amount of rain means that the stubborn high-pressure ridge has departed, or at least shifted a little—and that brings hope.