SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — If it was an app developer’s dream that went viral and pulled in tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue a day, one has to ask why the man behind Flappy Birds decide to pull the plug?

I’m not a big gamer myself, but as soon as I heard that they were going to pull it off the app store, I immediately downloaded it and at least attempted to play it.

Basically, you have this bird that flies around and you have to keep him from bumping into green pipes. In any event, I couldn’t get the bird to fly for very long. My bird would always fall down to the bottom of the screen.

The game was extremely popular and made millions of dollars, but now it’s gone.

The game’s creator gave an exclusive interview to Forbes and apparently he had a problem with the fact that it became such an addictive product. Personally I think it’s a bit of a publicity stunt, because the guy is still in the game business and has other successful games.

In a nutshell, if you’ve already downloaded the game, it should still be on your device and you can still play it. So if you’re already addicted, good luck with that.