OAKLAND (KCBS) – Caltrans engineers are hoping this week’s wet weather will help them discover how water is leaking into the barrier rail of the Bay Bridge.

About 30 percent of the 2,600 bolts connecting the barrier rails to the deck sections of the single anchor suspension span are leaking. “This was an anticipated issue,” said Andrew Gordon with Caltrans. “We were prepared for this, and we are managing it.”

Gordon said the inside of the deck is primed, and there are leak holes, but systems are in place.

“Water has dripped into the anchorages, where the cable strands splay out,” he said. “But again, we have dehumidification in there, and the dehumidification units are taking care of any drops of water that have gotten in.”

With the dry weather this winter in the Bay Area, Gordon said engineers will take full advantage of the upcoming rain for tests.

“All the water has been removed that is inside (the rails). This does not pose any long-term risk to the bridge,” he said. “The bridge is safe and drivers are safe.”

Caltrans will be hosting a technical briefing on Wednesday about the ongoing testing of rods on the span.

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