- R. Del Rosario | CBS Local

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – Little three year-old Mateo Beltran from San Jose is getting much notoriety these days thanks to a little video that has gone uber-viral on YouTube. With over 4 million views to date, the video captures Mateo’s relentless begging for a cupcake from his mother, Linda Beltran, and now they’re even selling t-shirts with his catchphrase on them.

Linda caught the sweet-talking toddler trying to convince her on the benefits of feeding him and his brother cupcakes for dinner. Going as far as calling her “Honey,” “Linda” not “Mom” and repeating her words, especially when she says “I’m done arguing with you…”


Mateo’s parents, Kenneth & Linda are selling shirts with Mateo’s catch phrase “Linda, Honey, Honey, Listen…” All proceeds goes to his college fund. Law school is pretty pricey these days and you know he’s worth the investment.

More on Mateo can be found at mateowantsacupcake.com.

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