SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — A mystery tenant is set to take over at a massive new development in San Jose and the business and tech world is buzzing over which company it will be.

San Jose has given the green light to its biggest office project ever – it’s two million square feet of office space just off Highway 101 on North First Street and Brokaw Road.

It’s enough to accommodate a campus of ten buildings, seven stories high.

The shortlist of companies that need that kind of space, including LinkedIn, Apple, Facebook and Google. It’s also been rumored that Microsoft or Amazon – if they moved down to Silicon Valley – could use the real estate.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says he knows who the so-called ‘Company X’ is which is partnering with developer Peery-Arrillaga, but he is not saying.

“I can’t tell you who Company X is, but there is a company behind the Peery-Arrillaga project,” said Reed. “It’s not a spec building, obviously it’s a very big company because they’re talking about two million square feet of office space which would be the largest deal we’ve done in San Jose since the Internet boom went bust and one of the largest in the history of the city.”

Mayor Reed said he’s been asked by his contacts in the development company not to say which company as an announcement is planned by the tenant.

There is no word yet on the timeline of the announcement.

In December, Reed told the Silicon Valley Business Journal that Company X is one of the Fortune 100 companies.


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